One of Australia’s major cities, which provides the perfect balance of urbanisation and nature, Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland is also one of the pleasant cities to visit. Situated at the bank of Brisbane River, it has an easy access to many wonderful coastal areas, and possibly the best weather of any Aussie Capital. While it may seem to not get that international like its southern neighbors Sydney and Melbourne do, the situation seems to be changing quickly. The city is increasingly attracting internal and international tourists daily, and its reputation for providing an ideal balance of activities, attractions and atmosphere are reaching out world-wide.

The level of diversity Brisbane possesses and its easy accessibility makes the city a great recommendation for travelling families, internal and international tourists alike. And there are a lot of things you will fall in love with once you pay a visit. So the question arises from all the travelling parties- what are the best things you can do around Brisbane?
Via extensive research and asking around with locals, here are the top things to do in Brisbane:

1. Lay on Street Beach in the middle of Brisbane

Every city has its own signature landmark that helps to make name for itself and give it a distinct character.And Brisbane has its answer with South Bank District.
The original site of World Expo in 1988, the district is filled with parklands and plazas with Street Beach at its center. Water, sand and sun makes for a good combination anywhere in the world. Put them together and you get a man-made beach right in the middle of busy Brisbane.
Australia’s one and only inner-city with man-made beach, Street beach has a chlorinated lagoon surrounded by sands and sub-tropical plants that provides a prefect beach experience. It makes for a great spot to stroll around or have a picnic.

2. Visit to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Wildlife attraction is one of the few things that other rival cities has an edge over Brisbane as it lacks true flagship zoo befitting a city of its stature. Luckily it still can boasts being the original ‘Home of Koalas’ in Australia, and one of the most underrated wildlife attractions in the country, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.
Just 15 minutes’ drive away from the city center, it’s an attraction that deserves more publicity in national level, and is set amongst the natural Australian bush surrounding. Lone Pine is more of a sanctuary than a zoo which can be reflected in its treatment of the animals and the staffs’ attitude. As Queensland is the only state in Australia where you can hug koala bear legally, you do not want to miss this chance to get a photograph with world’s cuddliest animal.
Lone Pine Koala sanctuary provides not only an opportunity to get close and personal with koala but you can also feed Kangaroo, hold a snake, and view a variety of native birds and animals. The sanctuary even has a platypus enclosure which is exceedingly rare in Queensland.

3. Queen Street Mall

Who doesn’t love to shop? Especially when you are with family you are bound to go to malls for shopping. So, be ready to cash in your cheque. Queen Street Mall is the hub for shopping extravaganza and is home to more than 700 retailers showcasing national and international design labels.
In addition to its modern presence, a labyrinth of heritage listed arcades add to the ambience for history buffs. And every Wednesday, the area at the bridge end of the mall transforms into a bustling farmer’s market selling locally produced flowers and artisan products.

4. Cycling all the way

Most of the major cities around the world tend to suffer from traffic congestion. However, low traffic congestion is one of the reasons why Brisbane is such an enjoyable city.The city of Brisbane has gone to great lengths to ensure that alternative methods of public transport are widely used by its inhabitants. Water taxi system being one example and its bike ways being another, these two systems significantly help to decrease the city’s traffic congestion.
Cycling is always good for health, and is an ideal way for getting around the city. Brisbane’s vendors offer a variety of cycles.You can tour Brisbane without missing any highlights in a leisurely fashion with its city cycle system. Most popular sightseeing areas in the city are accessible by bike. Each site offers different aspect of the city- the green natural surrounds of the Boondall wetlands, the suburb of New Farm with its winding path up of the River Brisbane and ride up to scenic Mount Coot-tha are just a few of the possibilities that are reachable on two wheels. Tour companies can always organise a cycle tour where they can guide you to different places which you would have missed otherwise if you were cycling by yourself.

5. Aquatic experience

Brisbane provides easy access to the coastal areas, and an open ocean makes it a city that provides perfect balance of modern urban construction with plenty of water based activities with its iconic river and nearby island being the perfect example.
If you are in Brisbane, heading out to water is a must. And if you are here during June to November, you don’t want to miss the chance to watch the whales. Brisbane Whale Watching provides eager participants with the chance to head out on the water and encounter the most surface-active of all whales.

6. Ferry adventure

It is said that you haven’t seen Brisbane if you haven’t seen it through eyes of the iconic River Brisbane. It’s the main reason why the city was settled on the banks of Brisbane River. And to fulfill that, there are many ferry in wait to take you on a wonderful journey.
Brisbane offers the old-style paddle wheel vessels that can often be seen plying their trade around the city’s waterways, which provides a vintage touch to modern day Brisbane. Many of its icons take on an entirely new aspect when viewed from the water such as the Story Bridge, Southbank Parklands and the city skyline. There are a range of cruises on offer herewith lunch and dinner provided on-board. You can take tour of the city on specially-themed jazz cruise that puts an emphasis on live music which you will definitely put a smile on your face.

7. Love Trains?

Do you love trains like Sheldon Cooper does? If you do, you don’t want to miss the Workshop Train Museum located at Ipswich. It is 40 mins drive from Brisbane City and is one of the main attractions for kids and adults alike. The facility not only entertain kids but also educates them with vast knowledge and history it possess.
The facility covers a broad range of train travel history ranging back from the steam era all the way up to current electric models that are still in use.There’s plenty of freedom here, and there are many opportunities for kids to come into contact with the trains.

8. Story Bridge

One of Brisbane and Australia’s greatest landmarks, built during Australia’s Great depression, the attractive Steel Story Bridge is a much loved landmark in whole Australia.While it may not have the fame of its neighbor, the Harbour Bridge down in Sydney, the Brisbane Story Bridge makes for no less an impressive way to view the city from a supremely scenic viewpoint.
Lasting for 2.5 hours, the journey up and back down is appropriately long without being overly tiring. This climbing bridge provides 360 degrees of panoramic view of the city.During the climb, you’ll be provided with gears necessary for the experience (including the signature, fully-enclosed climb suit) and have everything well-explained in terms of safety and what to expect.

9. Brisbane’s Cultural Centre

Understanding the culture and the history of the place you are visiting is very important. The city of Brisbane has rich culture and is filled with the ancestral history. The Queensland Cultural Centre allows you to immerse yourself in a world of creativity both old and new. The place provides locals and visitors alike with an easy-to-access dose of historical exhibits, art and more, whereas Queensland Museum provides detailed exhibit that focuses on a specific aspect at different times throughout the year.The Museum also houses the popular Science Centre attraction which provides a very interactive look at the world of science.

10. Catch a game

Want to spend your time with your idols around? Visit Suncorp Stadium for rugby clashes between local teams, look out for A-league; or keep your eyes on listings, you may even get to watch Cricket Australia play at the world famous Gabba Stadium.
At Clandulla Cottages, we value our customer and promise you to make your trip a worthwhile. As a local resident of Queensland, we can guide you through various attractions of Brisbane. Connect with us through phone at- (+61 7) 5543 0990 or 0409 831 142.
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