As in name SCENIC, expecting anything less than the best of Mother Nature creations is undermining the value and the beauty it holds. Just an hour drive from Brisbane and Gold Coast, Scenic Rim region is home to 6 national parks and the thriving home to the Beaudesert, Tamborine mountains, Boonah, Kooralbyn and Artaula. The region is also home to Lake Maroon and Lake Moogerah situated under the foothills of the Great Dividing Range, and Wyaralong Dam located on Teviot Brook downstream from Boonah.

The region covers 4256 square kilometers and is home to almost 40,000 residents. The residents enjoy the relaxed and affordable lifestyle suited to the small town and villages overseeing the fantastic scenery and as well as mix of traditional culture and forms of rural business and industry.

As a home to beautiful mountains and lakes boasting 6 national parks, visitors have a lot to do before getting to their usual routines. A trip to the region is guaranteed to be the awesome experience of lifetime. From award winning winery to hot air balloons across the region to hang glide form the top of beautiful Mount Tamborine, the region has everything one needs for a getaway weekend.

  1. Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens


src: Tamborine Moutain Botanic Gardens

The beautiful Tamborine Botanical garden, a paradise of colorful and diverse range of exotic and native flora is place where tropical meets temperate and is a must-see experience on any visit to the region. The Garden includes a glorious lake at the center, a Japanese garden and many other delights.

The region is quiet and peaceful and a perfect way to spend a family picnic with a chance of teaching children a thing or two about the botany.

  1. Hot air balloon across the region


Riding in a car is fun, riding a bike across the country region is more fun but riding hot air balloon beats everything. Living a man’s dream of flying, overviewing the glorious mountains and the view to die for and afterwards champagne breakfast at O’Reilly’s Vineyard can take any stress away.

  1. A visit to Albert River winery


src: Queensland Blog

When it comes to Australia, you can’t miss the taste of its wines and a visit to Albert River winery makes sure of it. The winery produces some of the finest award winning wines and also serves party and weddings. The guided tour of winery is provided with the demonstration of sheep hoarding and boomerang art for all age group.

  1. Hang Glide off the top of Mount Tamborine


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Soaring through the mountains like a Hawk overseeing the bird’s eye view of the region basking through the Mother Nature’s beauty using the purest form of flight.

  1. Exploring the Beautiful Lamington National Park


src: Nightfall

The world heritage bestowed, Lamington National Park, often referred as Queensland national park is a natural museum of modern day Australia’s evolution of flora. Extending to 20,200 hectares, Lamington national park provides food and shelter for huge number of sub-tropical birdlife, reptiles, mammals and invertebrates.

In 2015, Lamington National Park celebrated its 100 years of conservation. Its beauty, charm and wilderness are always attracting people’s imaginations and becomes a Lamington’s story told through the generations.

  1. Scenic Drive to O’Rilley’s Green Mountains


Discover mountain top forest wonderland of vine clad vegetation in the cool shade of ancient tree species, waterfalls, insects and wildlife in a sub-tropical rainforest. Distant city and coastal views make this World Heritage National Park one of Australia’s unique and most desirable locations to visit.

  1. Visit to Cedar Creek Falls


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Set in a natural rock amphitheater, you will enjoy spectacular waterfalls in the wet season and abundant flora and fauna including majestic white cedar trees, wild orchids and many beautiful birds. With easy access from the parking area, there are also bush walks up and around the falls.

  1. Moogerah Peaks National Park

Moogerah-Peaks-National Park

These volcanic peaks are significant refuges for rare and vulnerable wildlife. Close to Brisbane yet relatively undeveloped, they are popular with experienced bushwalkers and climbers.

  1. A visit to country village of Canungra


A small rural village in Scenic rim Region, whose economy depends on tourism and is popular for short drive destination from Gold Coast and Brisbane. Often called “Valley of owls”, the origin of town’s name comes from Aboriginal word for small owls “Caningera”.

  1. Meet artists in their studios and browse art galleries


The guided tour provides the opportunity to meet talented local artists in their own studios and browse through their art galleries in the beautiful Tamborine Mountain settings. Within their serene studio environment, one can talk to the artists and hear their inspirational story or even potentially see them at work.

  1. Relive the past in Beaudesert Historical Museum


src: Visit Brisbane

The historical value dating since 8140’s to present, the museum features an in depth collection of transport and industry tools including agricultural machinery. The historical society has helped in preserving the legacy and stories from the days of the Moreton bay settlement to the present day.

  1. Hitting towards Queensland Moto Park


For the motocross enthusiasts, this is the spiritual home. The Queensland Moto Park has the world class off road motorcycle venue which was designed by some of Australia’s leading expert in the field and offers a wide range of options.

  1. Visit the Amazing Glow Worms


src: Hello Brisbane

Located at the Cedar Creek State, come on a journey through a spectacular man made cave. The guided tour allows you through audio visual display on glow worms and the construction of caves. The guide will take you through magical “Glow Worm cave”, filled with thousands of glowing glow worms and the experience is the one you have to see to believe.

  1. Treat the kids to theme park close by


There are many theme parks nearby where you can treat your kids to. Kids will get bored, and they will need more refreshing than an adult. A trip to theme park will just do that. Dream World, Sea world are one of the most notable theme parks around.

  1. Go for a Swim


With so much natural beauty, there is no doubt the place has natural swimming holes, creeks and dams. What’s more refreshing than a swim in a fresh water after a long day of hike, right?


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