Earth is a beautiful planet. The wonder Mother Nature displays is truly astonishing. The snow-capped mountains, flowing rivers, dancing winds and dense forests are only some of its beauties. Nature is full of blessings and grace for humanity. It is capable of healing a ruined body and a broken mind.  For a nature lover, each and every object existing in nature is as much living as any human being. William Wordsworth wrote- “There is a spirit in the woods.”

Unfortunately, we are boxed-in inside the concrete jungle and are too wrapped in our world of responsibilities that we forget to take a look around and discover beauty of nature. So, how to experience nature closely? The answer is simple. Here is our list of 5 things to do for you to experience nature closely and to its fullest.

Go outside

Step outside the four walls and you can easily enjoy the beautiful nature. Get out of the room and go out in your garden or porch. Take a deep breath of a fresh air, how do you feel? Refreshed, right?

If you want more, choose a place- parks, beaches, lakes, hills or mountains, somewhere you can immerse completely in nature. There you can take your family out for a picnic. The key is, the place you choose needs to be calm and quiet and as far from civilisation as possible.

Simply, lay on the ground

Forget about the work for few moments, get comfortable with your surroundings. Feel the atmosphere, take joy in the smallest thing that exists in nature. Clear your mind. Look at the animals and vegetation around. You can always go for star gazing during the night. All these will help you de-stress and be closer to nature.

Stay calm and do nothing

You will be amased to experience how much it can be relaxing to just sit back and enjoy the nature. Lay back and close your eyes and concentrate on sounds of nature- animals walking around, birds singing and wind blowing through the forest. It’s like meditation that brings you closer to nature and to yourself.

Go on an adventure

Nature is filled with adventure. There are mountains, forests, rivers, lakes and oceans. Just look at the possibility. Take the weekend off, and go on a hike, a trek, surfing, canoeing, canopying, or even skydiving. There are many packages available. Choose a suitable one that is perfect for a weekend getaway.

Camping or back-packing

Camping is one of the many ways you can experience nature closely.  Contact a farm stay such as Clandulla Cottages, they can arrange you a camping site and all necessary gears required for the activity. Cook or barbeque under the sky surrounded by friends and family, or gaze upon the stars at night. You will be surprised to see how bright they appear, away from all the light pollution and smog of the city. A fishing trip is also a good time for family bonding and experiencing nature up-close and personal.


Clandulla Cottages is one of the prime farm stays in Brisbane. It’s situated in the middle of nature hub at Beaudesert, Queensland. Winner of TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award, we offer best of both worlds (nature + modern amenities) for you and your family. Contact us for more information via phone at (+61 7) 5543 0990 or book your holiday with us.

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