It takes a lot of effort to plan a vacation. Choosing a destination itself takes a lot of thinking, and after that travel arrangements and accommodation all becomes a part of the process. A wrong choice can ruin the trip. Here we focus on how to choose the right accommodation in Brisbane for your successful trip satisfaction.

Brisbane is certainly one of the hottest tourist hubs in Australia. It showcases a perfect blend of nature and modern urbanisation in one place. Finding accommodations in Brisbane is easy as there are many accommodation providers in the city, offering different forms of accommodation to fulfill heavy demand. But choosing the right accommodation is a tough job, here we provide you with 7 tips for you to choose the right accommodation.

  • Decide on date

Before looking for a place to stay, you need to decide where and when you are going. Searching for accommodation without the probable date is useless. You are wasting your precious time and money.

Since Brisbane is located on a coastal area, you don’t need to worry about weather as it has coastal moderate climate throughout the year.

  • Put out a shortlist of best available facilities and check the availability

If you have fixed your date and duration of your stay, dig up on the best accommodations around and pull out a shortlist of perfect lodging. Contact them through phone or any other means of communication available. But using phone is still the best way to communicate as you can get better and up-to-date details from the reception.

  • Ask for provided facilities and photographs of the available room

While on the phone, you can always ask for extra details like what facilities they provide, the service charges, and the food and beverages menu.You don’t want to pay extra for the food after your pay included fee to the hotel. And always ask for the photographs of the rooms and the facilities they provide such as pools, bathrooms and others. The images on the website could be extensively edited and can be misleading. So, you can even ask them to mail you the non-edited images.

At Clandulla Cottages, we provide the best facility you deserve and there are various suites you may choose from for instance – Mexicano Suite, Rose cottage and others.

  • Look for the reviews

People tend to leave reviews after their stay in a hotel. Look for reviews, you can always find one in Trip Advisors. You can also ask family and friends who have stayed there before for genuine help. Accommodations’ staff will obviously promise you better things as they need customers. But the experience of the people who have stayed there before and their opinion about the place will be more useful to you.

  • Consider the price

Pricing is always important. It is important that you stay within your budget. You don’t want to miss out on other important things because you have over spend on your lodging, and now are sort on cash. Bill out the maximum price and stay with it. Highly priced room doesn’t always guarantee a comfortable place to stay, and it doesn’t mean cheapest is the best. It is said, you get what you pay for. What you should look for when choosing an accommodation is a price that offers the best quality.

Brisbane has a number of best accommodation facilities, with varying price range and you get what you pay for. So, sorting it out according to your need is the best idea.

  • Choose a centrally located facility

Before booking the accommodation and trip, check whether the facility is easily accessible or not from the heart of the city. One of the best way to save money during a trip is choosing an accommodation from where you can get easy access to different attractions around the city. After spending money on accommodation, you don’t want to spend more on transportation.

  • Book early

During the travel season, facilities tend to book faster, so your action is important. Booking early can save you a lot of money, not only in airline tickets but in accommodation as well. Early bookings can get you discounts. Quality accommodation offered at great prices is also sought after – when you book early, these hotels may still be available.

Clandulla Cottages is just an hour away from Brisbane and is situated in peaceful surroundings that is ideal after a tiring day. We offer various kinds of packages that is suitable for you, from family to couple to groups. Connect with us via email at contact us via phone- (+61 7) 5543 0990. Looking forward to see you at Clandulla Cottages for a wonderful stay!


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