Father’s Day is around the corner and it’s time you start planning for your Father’s Day out. This day is all about your dad but you can enjoy it too. It’s the perfect day to do something you both love. While figuring out what to do may not come easy, there are plenty of great Father’s Day activities for every type of dad out there.

Dads are our Superheros, our teachers, and our guides. They run down the street by our side while we learn to ride a bike. They wait patiently for us to make our first goal or our first basket and cheer the loudest when we do. Father’s Day is the perfect chance to give back to our Superheros and show them our appreciation.

Here we’ve collected our favourite 15 fun activities to try with your dad this Father’s Day – hopefully, they’ll help out.


When you think about spending quality time with your father, fishing is one of the activity you can’t miss. We have seen the father and son fishing scene in many movies. Movies or not, it truly is a good way to spend some quality time together. You can talk about your father’s childhood, your plan for the future and at the end of the day, you can always take home few fishes for dinner.


If your father is a passionate golfer, then there is no place in the world where you can spend quality time with your father other than in a Golf course. Those 18 holes worth of time will be the best time together and a great excuse to improve your game.

Wine and Beer Tasting

A countryside brewery or winery set in a serene environment can make your dad’s day. Toast with him at local beer or wine tasting event. Set of your father’s best bottles of beer is a no-brainer built-in gift and he will remember it for days to come.


If your father follows a sports team passionately, a ticket to his favourite sporting event is pretty much always a winning idea. Check out the listings, many stadiums offer Father’s Day deals. Surprise your dad with a season ticket, and while you are at it, get in a friendly banter with you father.

Paint Ball

How about you bring your family together for a game of paintball? Organise a game so that your father can live his childhood all over again. Many paintball parks provide Father’s Day offer, do check the listings.

Go Karting

Accept it, when we were little we always wanted to be a F1 driver. Well if you haven’t become one, go karting is always a good option. It is fun and you can bond with your father over the race. Tip: Let your father win and you will definitely hear, “Better luck next time, kid.”


Take a break from your busy life and invite your father for camping at the countryside. He would definitely say “Yes”. While camping, you can go fishing, hunting and collect fruits available in the forest. It is a fun activity that you can always put on your to-do list.


Everyone needs a massage from time to time. Massage and beauty parlours normally have offers standby that you can buy for your father. Give him a relaxing day at the spa, all dads love it, some may try to hide it but will fail. Add a professional haircut and a shave to top it off.

Vehicle Shows

Is your father an absolute car nut? Contact local car clubs and auto show organisers to check if there are any auto show around that time. You can bond with him over his first car stories and adventure. Or you can always recall the days when he taught you how to drive.


Most fathers are real master chefs. How about attending a cookery show or signing up with him for a cooking class or experiment in the kitchen with various recipes? You can prepare your favourite dishes together.

Family Bike Ride

This is one of the coolest ideas. Rent bikes for your family and go on a cycling adventure. Hear me, your father has great cycling stories from his childhood. Ask him about them, he would love to share it with you.

Family Picnic

A family picnic is always a good idea. Prepare a family basket yourself and choose a location that your father has spent most of his childhood at. He can reminiscent about his childhood after all these years with his family. There cannot be a better gift than this.

Recreate Family Photos

Recreate your childhood memories with your father. Frame it and gift it to your father or you can always hang it on the living room’s wall. This will be one of the most precious gifts you father has ever got.


If your father is a social worker, you can form a father-son team to help out those in need. Spend time with your dad in a meaningful activity which is also an opportunity to help people in your community.

Movie Night

A movie night with your family is a good time too. You can buy tickets to a movie theatre or enjoy a movie at home. If your father doesn’t like movies, you can always share a beer while watching a game.

Father’s Day is an auspicious day where we celebrate our father, a day for our superhero. At Clandulla Cottages, we offer a perfect spot where you can celebrate this Father’s Day and bond with him in a serene countryside environment. Go camping, hiking, fishing, cycling, driving, and long walks or have a picnic, the activities to enjoy together as a family are endless here. For information and reservation, contact us via phone at +61 409 831 142.

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