Farm stay provides you and your children an opportunity to be involved in farm activities. Along with accommodation on a working land, you can come and go as you please to explore the greater surroundings during the stay. Farm stay usually have children’s activities where adults can join in as well.


The facilities and attractions that a farm stay offers may be an extension of what their farm is already doing. Feeding animals, collecting eggs, collecting fresh fruits and vegetables are popular activities a family gets to experience in a farm stay. The morning starts with the crow of a rooster which signals the beginning of a brand new day. The farm life stirs alive and daily works get started.

Most kids today don’t know how their foods are grown or where they come from because of department and grocery stores where goods are wrapped in plastics ready for consumption. So in a farm stay, children get a chance to learn about where eggs, milk, meat, wool and other produce come from, and how they are grown and cultivated. They get to see and interact with animals that they haven’t seen before, and learn what and how to feed them and how to take good care of farm animals.

Besides interacting with farm animals, other activities can include taking a leisurely bush walk, horse riding, hiking, camping, fishing and boating. Families get to savour delicious meals prepared from produce grown in the farm and bought in the local market.

During the day you can take a walk through blooming flower fields or troll around the farm and help picking fresh vegetables and fruits. Depending on the season, you can get your hands on all sorts of fresh goodies, from tasty honey to juicy fruits and vegetables. Every day you can relish in home cooked meals with ample salad alongside a glass of wine.

During your farm stay, you can relax and do nothing, kick a ball around, enjoy leisurely walks, have a picnic or go on a drive and visit nearby attractions. Travel and explore the beautiful surroundings and nearby places for a relaxing day in the countryside. Your farm stay experience is bound to create wonderful memories for the whole family.

Some guests seek solitude while others seek learning opportunities. See if your farm stay provides educational opportunities such as family farming, rural culture, food production and history of the farm and the area.

Being involved in farm activities and attractions as a family helps to build strong bonds. It’s important to take a break from the routine to spend quality time together as a family without any distractions.

Hospitable and friendly nature of the farm staff will add to your farm stay experience. Farm stay families are experienced hosts who enjoy sharing and educating their guests about farm life.

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